How to Stop Diabetes Kidney Disease in Its Tracks

Immunotherapy is the most-advanced treatment with least impact on the body. It is a comprehensive and systemic therapy from the diagnosis to treatment. Each patient is the focus of our highly specialized physicians who is dedicated to providing the personalized therapy for your individual condition with least impact on your body health.

First, each patient who comes to our hospital need to do a battery of examinations in order to pinpoint the diabetes types and severity of kidney damage, Kidney function, and sites of wastes buildup. It is very important for personalized therapy.

Then nation’s top experts will customized your diabetes kidney disease condition care so you receive the latest, best treatment with the fewest side effects.

If you are diagnosed with diabetes kidney disease, doctors will discuss the best treatment for you. It depends on the severity of your kidney damage, renal function and GFR. Immunotherapy includes the followings. One or more therapies may be used to treat your disease.

1. Micro-Chinese Medicine

It is one kind of Traditional Chinese Medicine that is composed of natural herbs. Created by renowned doctors of TCM, Micro-Chinese Medicine only found in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital is designed to restore kidneys. In many cases, it shows its power on treating kidney disease. There are several kinds of Micro-Chinese Medicines. Doctor chooses Micro-Chinese Medicine according to your individual condition.

2. Stem Cells therapy

We are proud of the combination of Micro-Chinese Medicine and stem cells therapy. Micro-Chinese Medicine often is followed by stem cells because it can clean the internal environment for applications of stem cells. It makes sure the growth of enough stem cells in the body.

Stem cells are unspecialized cells which are greatly capable of renewal and differentiation. Numerous experiments suggest that stem cells can differentiate into kidney cells which can replace the damaged ones.

In sum, stem cells repair your damaged kidneys whereby regenerative cells in the body.

3. Blood purification

At Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital,you will find the latest, most-advanced technology and equipment to adequately clean the wastes from the blood, a staff of experts highly skilled in its use.

If you are diagnosed with diabetes kidney disease, we are here to help you. Contact us.

Do you have any question? You can leave a message.A detailed analysis of your condition by our experts can greatly guide your treatment and daily care.

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