Natural Herbs for High Creatinine in Diabetics with High Blood Pressure

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Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, one of the largest specialized kidney disease hospitals in China sees more than ten thousand patients with different types of kidney disease for 25 years. This gives us experience and experts to increase the chances for successful treatment. You are surrounded by nation’s top experts, highly trained nurse, latest, most-advanced therapies, techniques and equipment. We are committed to offering the best and most-advanced therapies with the fewest side effects.

Our treatment for high creatinine levels and high blood pressure

Natural herbs

We take proud of our innovative natural herb therapies – Micro-Chinese Medicine created by a team of renowned experts of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) in years. It is composed of effective herbs for kidney disease. Different from other herb therapies, it is an external therapy without any side effects. The herbs are shattered into small molecule, packaged in two bags which are sized of kidneys. Patients only need to lie on the bags containing effective elements which with the help of osmosis devices can directly reach into your kidneys and work.

It is designed to dilating blood vessels, fighting with inflammation and degrading extracellular matrix to achieve the goal of restoring kidneys. When your kidneys are restored, they are able to filter the wastes including creatinine out of your body. After the treatment, creatinine levels drops naturally.

In general, the outcome includes:

High blood pressure dropping

GFR rising

Proteinurine becoming negative

Kidney function improved

Urine becoming normal

Each patient who comes to our hospital is customized care including the personalized therapies by the highly specialized physicians who regularly communicate and coordinate together- with you to make sure you receive the best, most advanced treatment with the fewest side effects.

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