Bong! Do You Want to Know the Magic Treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy?

Tranditional Chinese medicine has thousands of years’ history and it is the summary that from Chinese people’s extreme abundant experiences fight with disease in a long-term and it is the important component of our excellent national culture legacy. On the influence of ancient materialism and dialectics, tranditional Chinese medicine became a unique medicine system information by the experts in Hebei Immunotherapy Therapeutic Community through a long-term medical practice test repeatedly. On the treatment of diabetic nephropathy,we use “Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy” and acquire great therapeutic effect.

Tranditional Chinese medicine is an important component of treating diabetes, especially its effect on oncotherapy in the middle-late diabetes. It can improve the symptoms, enhance the quality of life, prolong life cycle. Therefore, for those middle-late diabetics who has malignant edema, we use “Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy” that can make most of the patients’ edema fade away.

The curative effect is affirm using tranditional Chinese medicine to treat middle-late malignant edema. It doesn’t have side effects and it can improve symptoms, improve life quality, prolong life cycle. Its effects are : 1. ease the reaction in digestive tract. 2. strengthen the protection to marrow and liver function. 3. lighten heart toxicity. Chinese medicine promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis medicine has the function of improving blood supply, increasing blood flow volume, and lessening hypoxic cell.

Because traditional Chinese medical science theory got a great development, this kind of therapeutic method using Chinese medicine for external use made a magic effect in kidney disease treatment field. It had a obvious function in the recovery of kidney disease, improvement of kidney function and prolonging the life of middle-late nephrotics. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is using Chinese medicine theory to analyse, conclude each cause and onset of kidney disease and using medicine accurately. And on this basis, we use advanced micro change technology to improve the absorptivity of drug effective ingredients, enhance medicine effectiveness fundamentally and improve symptoms quickly.

Using Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy,you can not only avoid the side effect from taking Chinese medicine orally, but also because the medicine can directly go to the patients’ damaged kidney lesions. Thus the effects of the treatment is more effective.

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