An Innovation in Diabetic Nephropathy Treatment

It is mainly caused by primary and secondary causes of disease (e.g. genetic and environmental factors, absolute and relative deficiency of hormone insulin, insulin resistance, high blood sugar, syndrome of metabolic disorder), and is simultaneously accompanied by body’s immune and regulating function obstacle in the course of disease, which leads to raising blood glucose level and makes pathology of resident cells change, duly results to many changes, such as thickening of GBM, narrowing of lumen, constriction of blood vessels, microcirculatory disturbance and kidney’s deficiency of blood and oxygen as well as damage to capillaries around glomerulus and renal tubules, further inflammation infiltrates, hepatic fibrosis, occurrence of phenotypic transition to resident cells of kidney, and large quantity of extracellular matrix is synthesized, replacing kidney’s resident cells and then glomerulus hardened and necroses. So we call it as diabetic lesion of GBM

During treatment process, no matter traditional Chinese or Western medicine you use, the following ways are necessary to obtain treatment effects:

Dilating blood vessels: Because once immune complex deposited on glomerular capillary, anoxia and anemia of various capillary cells will occur. Dilating blood vessels aims to improve blood circulation in kidney and ease anemia and anoxia of renal intrinsic cells so as to provide a good environment for further restoration of endothelial cell, epithelial cell and mesangial cell.

Anti-inflammation: it aims to reduce inflammation infiltration so as to reduce re-injury to glomerular intrinsic cells.

Anticoagulation: Increasing inflammatory cells in blood would increase blood viscosity to certain extent, which improves the formation of micro-thrombus in glomerular capillary. Using anticoagulant aims to decrease pressure from thrombus so as to lay foundation for restoration of intrinsic cells.

Degradation:Increasing inflammatory cells, micro-thrombus and immune complex deposition in glomerular capillary will aggregate sediments from endothelial cell, epithelial cytoplasm and mesangial cytoplasm, and extracellular matrix will be passed out of the body in the urine.

Only medications, on the basis of the above medicine application, and perfectly combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine and giving fully play to therapeutic effect can treat the disease effectively. Only by appropriate application of above four treatment measures that GCBM will be repaired and its normal physiological function be naturally recovered. Barrier function of epithelial cell will also be recovered, and clinical symptoms, such as albuminuria will naturally disappear after these functions' recovery.

Luckily, our treatment is the right one which has the above-mentioned characteristics and effects. That is the way how Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy works. And we can make sure that after the damaged intrinsic cells are repaired, and the intrinsic cells’ function will be recovered, as a result, patients will get better. More satisfactory effects will also be probably achieved if they continue with receiving the consolidating treatment.

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