What Is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy ?

Part I Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Has Broken the Routine — Get Rid of the Stale and Bring Forth the Fresh

In our daily life, if our finger is cut accidentally, generally we will see a doctor and apply anti-inflammatory and hemostyptic medicines to it and have it bandaged. The vulnus will heal up in a few days. Then just suppose we take anti-inflammatory and hemostyptic medicine orally but not apply medicines directly on the wound, the healing of the wound will be slow. In a similar way, if there are pathological changes to the kidney of the human body, and we don’t let the medicine act directly on the interior of the damaged kidney tissues, but only depend on oral medicine and intramuscular injection which enters the kidney through blood vessels along with blood circulation, the effective medicine will be very little. This is a medical problem that puzzled the doctors of Chinese traditional medicine for years. While the western medicine is only papering over the cracks. It simply removes urine protein and urinary occult blood, but not repairs the renal function from the cause of the disease. Therefore, the symptoms repeatedly occur and it makes patients in passive treatment. The disease will be protracted and refractory, thus developing to a vicious circle state. For many years, a great number of experts have tried to solve the problem in an effective way, but in vain.

After a dozen years’ research, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital has worked out the thinking of tackling the key point, which is Chinese medicine micronization. Chinese medicine micronization means using strong ultrasonic cultivation method to micronize the Chinese medicine molecules of micron-sized diameter into one thousandths smaller granules for Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It makes the active ingredients of Chinese medicine fully overflow, thus enhancing the permeability of Chinese medicine, so it can permeate into the lesions quickly and change the valence-bond structure. Besides, after the permeability of the medicine is enhanced, the medicine ingredients will not roam to other organs through the kidney. One characteristic of Chinese medicine is certain medicine enters certain chanel. Medicine that enters the renal chanel will not wander everywhere. This is the foundation of Chinese medicine theory. Because the grains are too big, many active ingredients of Chinese medicine without micronization have been devoured by the phagocytes in the body. While the micronized medicine can ‘blind’ the phagocytes and enter the kidney.

The active ingredients of Micro-Chinese Medicine can smoothly enter the human body through various channels and with various methods, and arrive at the lesions. At present, Micro-Chinese Medicine mainly enters renal lesions through the following channels:

1. Depending on its high permeability and selective site-specific function, it can arrive directly at the lesions through the skin of bilateral renal area with the action of the osmosis equipment.

2. Enter the blood through the back skin or through digestive tract by taking medicine orally. The medicine can target the renal lesions along with blood circulation.

3. The medicine can target the lesions after being led into the body through back meridian and collateral system.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has solved the problem that troubled the medical staff for many years. It is an original treatment method for kidney disease and uremia, and exploits a new way of thinking for treating other chronic difficult and complicated diseases.

Once there is a patient named Liying from Shen Zheng, Guang Dong Province, China. She had been down with Chronic Glomerulonephritis for 41 years and Renal Insufficiency for 2 months. Because of systematic severe edema 41 years ago, the patient went to different hospitals, but couldn’t find a permanent treatment. The symptoms repeatedly occur. One month ago, she came to our hospital with the complaint of anemia. The test showed that the serum creatinine was already 450 umol/l, and she also complains poor sleep in the night, inappetence, dry skin, general fatigue, bad sweating condition, urine volume is normal, urine colour is light and with no smell. After hospitalization, she was given Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy on bilateral renal area. Use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to remove the immune complex and damaged tissues deposited on the glomerular basement membrane. At the same time,repair the damaged basement membrane so as to treat both principal and secondary aspect of disease. After 15 days treatment, the patient’s mental state had improved obviously, night sleep and diet become mormal, fatigue disappeared, skin become moist, sweating normal, there was deposit in the urine, the smell of the urine become strong and serum creatinine came down to 230 umol/l. At present, the patient has brought medicine home and continued consolidation treatment. The patient said when leaving the hospital: ‘after 15 days treatment in your hospital, I think Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the most advanced technology in the world. If I had known your hospital earlier, I would have avoided the long way around, and been cured earlier!’

Part II Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Act Directly on the Renal Lesions — Get Effect Instantly.

With the action of osmosis equipment, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can expand local blood capillaries, promote blood circulation and make the medicine ions with high permeability selectively target the kidney and arrive at kidney lesions directly in one minute. Micro-Chinese medicine has high local concentration, high bioavailability and strong osmotic force and avidity, so it can quickly improve the pathological state of the kidney, promote the remedy of damaged nephrons, and achieve the effect of regulating immune function bilaterally with the combination of internal and external therapy.

The functioning method of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is unique and will not be affected by digestive tract. The effect is 50~60 times of simple oral medicine. It has the characteristics of strong therapeutical effect, fast efficacy, and long medicine effect.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has the following remarkable features.

  1. It has strong medicine effectiveness. Because the medicine has been micronized, the active ingredients of Chinese medicine have been overflowed, the permeability of the medicine has increased, and the medicine ingredients will not roam to other organs, so medicine effect will not be wasted and the amount of medicine that enters the kidney will be highly increased, which is beneficial to fast permeating. Use the same amount of medicine, but the effect will be multiplied. This is the reason for high efficacy.

  2. High pertinence of the medicine. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy acts directly on kidney lesions through skin, blood, and back main and collateral system. It releases high-efficiency Chinese medicine ingredients and has high local medicine concentration and bioavailability. It acts especially on kidney damaged tissues, targets them and thoroughly removes immune complex and necrotic tissues. It has the features of thorough removing and fast and long effect.

  3. The medicine has strong bioactivity. Micro-Chinese Medicine is much easier to be absorbed and used, and can give full play of medicine efficacy. The molecular weight of Micro-Chinese Medicine decreases, its solubility increases, penetrating power is strengthened and it has fortissimo permeability and avidity. With the function of osmosis equipment, micronized active medicine can arrive equidistantly, quickly and directly at the kidney lesions in one minute.

  4. Kidney repairing is enhanced. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can not only remove the immune complex and damaged tissues deposited on the basement membrane and at the same time repair the damaged basement membrane, but also activate immune system of the human body, promote the metabolism and repairing and improve internal environment of the body.

After being micronized, the medicine has been refined and activated, besides, it also has targeting effect. Therefore, effective medicine ingredients will be absorbed in the body quickly, which is the characteristics of quick-acting.

  1. Short treatment course.

  Receive Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treatment twice a day, and the duration of the treatment each time is about 45 minutes. The characteristics of the treatment are painless, short course and quick-acting. Besides, patients can treat by themselves at home, which shortens the time in hospital and saves unnecessary expenses.

  2. Short time to show effect. In general condition, preliminary effect will always be achieved in seven days after receive the treatment. The manifestations are mainly: relaxed, energetic, not chilly and even sweats, feels warm and has better appetite. The volume, colour, smell, and turbidity etc. of the urine have all been improved.

Once there was a patient from Dezhou City, Shan Dong Province, China. He was admitted to our hospital with the main complaints that colic pain in left lower abdomen accompanied by 5 hours’ nausea and vomiting and 5 hours’ gross hematuria. Urgent B ultrasonic shows: 0.5×0.8cm stones in left upper ureter. The patient was given two days’ treatment of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and symptomatic treatment like anti inflammation treatment. We used the main effects of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis and the function of expanding blood vessels of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to improve local blood supply to ureteral smooth muscle so as to release spasm of smooth muscle and expand ureter. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can also improve kidney blood circulation, so the patient’s kidney blood flow will become rich, original urine output will increase, tubular reabsorption function will be recovered and urine generation will gradually increase, so the stones are easy to be discharged. What’s more, the pulses of microwave produced by Micro-medicine Osmosis Equipment make stones in the urine driven down the expanded ureteral pulse, so that they can be quickly removed out of the body. Two days after the treatment, the stone was discharged smoothly, and the discomfort of the patient disappeared.

Part III Lasting Effect of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy— Treating Both Principal and Secondary Aspect of Disease

The kidney is like a ‘sieve’. The kidney ‘sieve’ selectively filtrates urine from blood. Whatever the reasons, any form of damage to the ‘sieve net’ will lead to the loss of function of the ‘sieve’, so material in large and small size will be leaked out together. Leakage of macromolecular substances such as protein, red cells and urinary cylinders will cause proteinuria, hematuresis and cylindruria etc, which will lead to edema and renal hypertension. Traditional treatment aims only at primary disease, which is plugging sieve holes. After the primary disease has been cured, that means the sieve holes have been plugged, but the glomerular basement membrane has not been repaired, urine protein and occult blood still exist and they accumulate more and more. When it reaches to a certain amount, it will break the sieve holes and lead to the recurrence of the disease. In order to repair a ‘sieve’, we must first remove the damaging factors that is to remove fundamentally the immune complex deposited on the glomerular capillaries, eliminate inflammation and mesangial proliferation so that the glomerulus will be naturally repaired and the original glomerular function will be recovered.

The active material of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can act directly on damaged glomerular basement membrane. It can not only remove the immune complex and damaged tissues deposited on the basement membrane, but also repair the damaged basement membrane. Only if it has been repaired, urine protein and occult blood will gradually decrease and finally disappear. If we don’t repair glomerular basement membrane, but only simply remove protein, which is only treating ‘symptoms’, the disease will easily happen again. As urine protein can disappear, it can also recur. To remove its root cause, the key point is to treat the disease. To repair the damaged basement membrane is the only effective treatment to remove protein, and is the only method of eliminating fundamentally unrine protein and occult blood.

Patient Lijiang with Nephrotic Syndrome from Shenze had been to many large hospitals for treatment, but cannot avoid hormone, diuretic and hypotensor. The symptoms disappeared then, but it wasn’t long before its recurrence. Every treatment followed by every recurrence. The patient was in bad mood. Then he came to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital for treatment introduced by others. He was given 15 days’ Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treatment. We used Micro-Chinese Medicine to expand blood vessels, improve gastrointestinal tract and bilateral kidney microcirculation, remove edema on gastrointestinal mucous membrane, expand renal arteriole and increase glomerular filtration rate. In this way, the damaged kidney structure will get repaired, the renal function will be recovered and the patient will be effectively cured.

In a word, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can treat the disease from the root of kidney diseases, so the damaged kidney function can improve fundamentally and not easy to appear again. However, don’t wait until the diseases develop into the end stage. The earlier of the treatment, the better of the effect.

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