How to Get Rid of Dialysis for Patient with Diabetes Kidney Disease

He told me that he want to do kidney transplantation in the future. I think his disease is very complex, he have heart disease, I think it is very dangerous for him to have kidney transplantation. After all, it is a big operation, there is no doctor can make sure that the operation will be successful. And his volume of urine is good enough, and it hasn't been in the situation of kidney transplantation. His disease can be reversed at this very time. He only have had dialysis for six months, It is very likely that our treatment can help him get rid of dialysis.

As sor our treatment, I can give you a brief introdution. We use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Transplantation. Damage of your kidneys is progressing. If it cannot be stopped, the healthy cells repaired by stem cells will be damaged again. So we need to treat your disease with Micro-Chinese Medicine first.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is based on tranditional Chinese herbal medicine. Chinese herbal medicine has a history of more than 5000 years old. All of the medicine of it is taken from the natrual, such as ginseng, Common Threewingnut Root, turtle shell, honeysuckle and so on. Don't look down upon these things, they can cure many disease. There are more and more patients choosing to take Chinese medicine to treat their disease in the world. I am sure there must be some clinics of Chinese medicine in USA. But the disadvantage of it is that Chinese medicine takes a long time to have effect. So experts in our hospital inproved this treatment. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a kind of external application treatment, the effective substance can be permeated into kidneys lesions with the help of osmosis devices and effective penetrant. You have to have this kind of treatment twice a day. You have lie on the bed for 45 minutes each time, and the medicine is applicated in the lower back. During the treatment, you can not feel any pain. You will enjoy the time of this treatment. Micro-Chinese medicine can stopped the fibrosis of your kidneys, then we have to use stem cells to repair your kidneys.

Stem Cells Transplantation isn't a surgery either. Stem Cells will be transfered into your body by intravenous injection. Stem cell has homing ability. It can enter into your damaged kidneys without being told. Stem Cells are a kind of initial cells, they have a bility of differentiation and proliferation. It can differentiate into the cells that the body needed. and it can proliferate into stem cells which have the same characters with their mother cells. As for kidney disease, it can differentiate into renal cells if there are still some alive renal cells. There are three kinds of renal intrinsic cells in your kidneys, healthy cells, damaged cells, and necrotic cells, Stem Cells can protect healthy renal cells, repair the damaged cells. Only a few part of the necrotic cells can be waken up again.

So I cannot tell you that we can cure your disease. There is no treatment in our world can cure kidney disease. But I believe that our treatment is better than others. But it can not replace kidney transplantation, If patients have no urine at all, we cannot help them, they can only have kidney transplantation.

So it is suggested that he should have treatment as early as possible, then it is possible for him to get rid of dialysis in the future.

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