How to Treat Proteinuria for Patients with Diabetes of Kidney Disease

First, we should know how proteinuria occurs for patients with Diabetes of kidney disease. Actually, there is more or less protein in the urine. The normal value is less than 150mg, and the youngsters less than 300mg/24h. When the protein in the urine is more than 300mg/24h, we can say one presents proteinuria. This is the common clinical manifestation of Diabetes of kidney disease and other kidney diseases. The amount of proteins in the urine is closely related with the severity of the damaged kidneys. It can also show the development of the patients’ illness conditions. The proteinuria can be divided into three types: microalbuminuria (30-300mg/24h), mass proteinuria (0.3g-3.0g/24h), severe proteinuria (>3.0g/24h with hypoproteinemia and swelling). As the condition progresses, more and more proteins will be leaked out and other complications will occur as follows.

The traditional way of treating proteinuria for patients with Diabetes of kidney disease is the western method. Just taking ACEI and ARB to control the proteinuria, patients can get a satisfactory result in a short time. However, there is a big chance to relapse because the damaged kidneys have not been repaired. However, the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help the patients with Diabetes of kidney disease alleviate the proteinuria and even disappear. Because can repair the damaged kidney intrinsic cells from root. What is more, the medicines are all from natural plants which do not cause any side effect. On the other hand, if combining the Stem Cell Transplant with Micro-Chinese Medicine, the patients can get much more satisfactory results.

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