Treatment of Kidney Disease with Stem Cell

Stem Cell has the characteristics of ‘infinite’ proliferation, potentiality of multidirectional differentiating, sustaining of hemopoiesis, adjustment of immunity, self-replication and so on, so Stem Cell can be used as perfect ‘seed’ in repairing damages tissue organ caused by lesion. In recent years, basic researches detect that Stem Cell can differentiate into renal intrinsic cells, renal parenchymal cell and so on. So Stem Cell Transplantation has a well effect on repairing and rebuilding renal function.

Ⅱ. Characters and advantages in treatment of Kidney Disease with Stem Cell

1. Having a powerful multiplication capacity and multidirectional proficiency, it can proliferate and differentiate and then produce a lot of daughter cells.

2. By the interaction of cells and cell factors produced by the cells, T cells proliferation and its immune responds can be restrained, so as to bring function of immune reconstitution into play.

3. It has a character that it is easy to be collected, it is easy to be separated, cultivated, amplified, purified, and it still has the character of stem cell after several times self-replication and amplification.

4. Low immunogenicity: Because stem cells are in a state of nature, and it is not easy to be distinguished, so, there is no immunological rejection and matching of blood type.

5. Its biological characteristics won’t change after long time self-replication. It has the ability of differentiating into renal intrinsic cells, such as muscle cells, liver cells, osteoblast and cartilage cells and other cells.

Just because Stem Cell has the character and advantage of immunology, it has a bright future of clinical practice in treatment of Kidney Disease.

Ⅲ. Basic theory of Stem Cell treating disease

1. Repair the damaged tissue cells.

2. Replace the function of damaged cells.

3. Stimulate the regeneration function of organism itself cells.

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