Early Treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy is Crucial

It has been recognized by scholars in the world that proteinuria is the early sign of diabetic nephropathy. Microalbumin in the urine indicates the possibility of diabetic nephropathy. It is proved by the clinical practice that a delayed treatment for microalbuminuria can make approx. 80% people complicate diabetic nephropathy in the near future. People can prevent and treat diabetic nephropathy from the following aspects.

1. Control blood sugar.

In the early stage, it is crucial for diabetic nephropathy people to make blood sugar under control. The optimal goal of blood sugar is FBG < 6.0mmol/l, HbA1c < 6.5%. Once the diabetic nephropathy occurs, the insulin is needed for diabetes people.

2. Be careful about medicine.

It plays important role on prevention of diabetes to be cautious about medicine. Avoid the medicines which are toxic to your kidneys. Before taking some medicine, you had better to consult your doctor about whether the medicine is bad to your kidney. It is common that people develop kidney disease due to the improperly taking medicine.

3. Keep healthy lifestyle.

Keeping healthy lifestyle is a guarantee of effects of preventing diabetic nephropathy. A good rest and sleep is the base of controlling blood sugar and improving metabolic disturb. Diabetic people can take steps to change the bad lifestyle like loss weight, a diet change, giving up smoking and alcohol, taking part in activities.

The above are some aspects from which diabetes patient can take measures to prevent diabetic nephropathy. A early treatment is crucial for diabetes people. Earlier detection is, the better prognosis is.

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