Stem Cell Transplant Brings New Hope for Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy

Stem cells are undifferentiated original cells so they have limitless differentiating and regenerating ability. Therefore, it is very easy for patients’ built immunity to receive the foreigners without any rejection reactions. Moreover, it does not have blood match problem at all so the patients can get treatment at anytime without considering its sources. Stem Cell Transplant is very different from kidney transplant. The patients do not need surgery at all. Stem cells can enter patients’ body by venous infusion. Therefore, it decreases patients’ pain and risk to great extent.

Stem cells have homing ability. After entering patients’ body, they can reach lesions directly and differentiate into new cells to replace the damaged kidney cells and islet cells to play their role. Moreover, stem cells can promote the lesion tissues to grow new blood vessels thus it can solve the blood circulation caused by Diabetic Nephropathy. In addition, stem cells can secrete much nutrition factors that can accelerate the repairing process.

By Stem Cell Transplant, the patients can recover their normal islet function thus getting rid of insulin dependence from root. Moreover, they can prevent the possibility of Diabetes complications such as Diabetic Foot, Diabetic Eye Disease, and Heart Disease and so on. At the same time, Stem Cell Transplant helps them rebuild their renal structure so they can prevent the disease from further damage to their renal function. As a result, the patients can get rid of the risk of Renal Failure.

After many years’ clinical practices, it proves that Stem Cell Transplant is both effective and convenient for patients. It does not have any side effects on patients. Stem Cell Transplant actually has a promising potential in treating Diabetic Nephropathy.

As a new therapy, many patients do not know Stem Cell Transplant very well. If you want to know more information about this therapy and its clinical application on other kidney diseases, you can consult our doctors on line or email me [email protected] We will do our best to solve your problem in the first time.

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