Experts’ Advice against Diabetic Nephropathy (Diabetic Kidney Disease)

1. When you have the symptoms of Diabetes like excessive urine at night, frequent thirst, fatigue and weight loss, you should go for you doctor to have a thorough examination, finding Diabetes early is always a good thing, considering the complications that diabetes could pose.

2. Have a healthy diet.

Dietary advice is of vital importance for patients with Diabetes, which can prevent its advance. Diabetes patients should control the intake of high-fat foods and carbohydrates. Besides, they should drink plain water instead of beverage; control their intake of sodium. A healthy dietary habit in the early stage can prevent the elevation of blood glucose and stave off the progression of illness condition.

3. Take Regular Examination

We suggest people with Diabetes have regular examination of blood sugar, urine and so on. However, if developing Diabetic Nephropathy, patients should receive treatment. The recommendation is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy because it has the following treatment effects:

1. Solving hormones dependence

Patients who have suffered from the treatment of hormones must have the experience that once hormones are stopped, the illness condition will relapse immediately. What is worse, they must add up the dosage over time. However, Micro-Chinese Medicine is all from natural plants, which has no side effects.

2. Solving the problem of Recurrence

The reason why illness condition recurrence happens is that most therapies do not treat kidney problems from root. Micro-Chinese Medicines can be permeated into the kidneys and repair the kidney cells. When the kidney cells are back to work, the symptoms will be alleviated gradually. When the root problems are solved, the illness will not reoccur any more.

If you or your relatives are suffering from Diabetic Nephropathy, you might as well have a try of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Our treatment has helped many international kidney patients, who are from USA, Canada, Holland, Great Britain, etc.

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