Treatment for Diabetic Nephropathy in 2011

For patients with Diabetic Nephropathy, their kidneys are in the state of high perfusion, high filtration and high pressure, thus causing glomerulosclerosis. In order to control the disease condition of Diabetes, we have to take some effective measures to regulate the blood sugar, blood fat and blood pressure.

In this stage, only medicines are not enough to control the progress of the disease, for the kidney cells have been already damaged. If you want a fundamental treatment for the disease, methods that can repair these damaged cells or regenerate the new cells should be adopted.

Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital in China uses Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to treat Diabetic Nephropathy. It is a kind of externally used medicines so there are no side effects of oral medicines, and the absorption rate can be greatly improved without going through the digestive system.

There are mainly three functions of this kind of treatment:

One of micro-Chinese medicine’ effects is invigorating blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Glomerulosclerosis and basement membrane damages are the main pathological changes of Diabetic Nephropathy. After micro-process, the active substances of the medicines will selectively target at and integrate with all levels arteries to enhance arteries expansion and effective blood inflow of kidney ,thus oxygen supplement to damaged glomerulus will be increased,which improves the inner micro-circulation and promotes metabolism. Finally the condition of glomerulosclerosis will be improved.

Micro-Chinese medicine gives full play to traditional Chinese medicine’ feature of curing not only the symptoms of the disease but its origin.

Micro-Chinese medicine is also featured by its stasis removing ability. After the first stag’s artery expansion, oxygen supplement increase, inner microcirculation improvement and close combination with lesioned tissue and immune complex, active substances now attacks the focus suddenly. And the result is that, the immune complex and proliferated mesangial cells are broken and split into tiny pieces and dispelled out through blood circulation. Clinical manifestations at this stage include the decreasing of urine protein and occult blood, reducing of serum creatinine and the normalization of various assay indexes. This removing action will continue on condition that infectious factor are kept away, and this method is proven specifically effective during the stages of kidney function insufficiency and uremia.

The restoring and rebirthing process, after the inhibition of kidney fibrosis, means a lot to sufferers of diabetic nephropathy and uremia. The restoration of kidney function relies on the repairmen and rebirthing of kidney tissues. After the stage of invigorating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, the restoring and rebirthing of kidney tissues overall starts and which leads to the complete improvement of damaged parts and all functions of kidney . And thus the objective of rebuilding kidney function will be achieved.

After the internal environment of the body has been improved, we can also use Stem Cell Transplant to repair the damaged beta cells and rebuild the kidney function so the effect will be achieved more quickly and favorably.

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