A diary about My Little Son with Type 1 Diabetes(1)

type 1 diabetesIt is nearly in the midnight, my little son and husband are sleeping now, but I have no sleepiness. Looking at the my little son's test result, how can I sleep comfortably?

Recently, I noticed that my little son Jeremy eat a lot, and drink a lot of water, but he always told me that he was hungry. At the beginning, I though he was only three years old, it was time for him to grow, that is the reason why he have such symptoms. But this morning, my son fainted when I was playing with him in the park. I took him to the hospital immediately, the test result in my hand shows that my son is diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes. I couldn't believe it! My son is so young, he is only three years old. He is so tender, how can I give him insulin injection everyday?

I washed my face, and now I am still looking at the test. I hope it is only a joke. Tomorrow everything will be ok. No Diabetes, no test result!

I am lying on the bed, looking at my little son. His eyebrow is so thick and so long, his lovely face with his perfect pout, it is exactly a beautiful picture! But my son, this lovely little boy, was diagnosed as type 1 Diabetes. How sad I am!

I am so tired, and go to sleep very quickly. Tomorrow will be better!

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