A Diary about My son with type 1 Diabetes(2)

type 1 diabetesWhat a nice day! The sunlight come in my bedroom through the gap of the curtain. The sunlight is shining on my son's face slightly, it looks that his face is a little transparent. My son, do you know? Mum had a nightmare last light, how terrible! I get up and want to wash my face and brush my teeth, but I see a test is smiling at me sinisterly. It is not a nightmare, my little son was really diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes yesterday. I could not cry, because it will wake my son up. See! He must have a sweet dream, he is smiling now.

Before we have breakfast, I have to give my son an insulin injection. My son doesn't know what had happened, even he asks candy for me. After I make the insulin done, I can't help myself to do it. My husband have gone to work, there is no one can help me. I must do it myself. ' Baby, come here!' I tell a lie to my son, ' oh, you have a cold, mum must give you a shot now, or you can not go to play outside!'. My son is so obedient, he take the insulin injection with tears in his eyes, but he doesn't cry loudly.

The first day has finished, I give him insulin injection by telling a lie. I can't open my mouth to tell my little son that he has type 1 Diabetes and tell him that he must have insulin injection three times a day!

Tell me! What is my reason for tomorrow!

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