A Reply Letter For Patient with Diabetes From Iran

I am glad to received your email, i have know that you have type 1 Diabetes. type 1 Diabetes is alao know as insulin dependent diabetes, or juvenile diabetes. Can you tell me something in detail about your disease, then i can analyze your illness for you in detail.

At present, the popular treatment of diabetes is insulin injection. But as we all know, insulin can only make your blood glucose return to normal, but it can not treat diabetes fundamentally. Because your pancreas can not secrete insulin any more, if your pancreas cannot be repaired, you have to live on insulin injection in the rest of your life. If your diabetes is not well controlled, complication of diabetes may show up. such as diabetic foot, eye disease of diabetes and so on. And at last, most of diabetes will develop into uremia. So, i suggest you should chose an effective way to treat your disease fundamentally. You want to know something about stem cell transplantation, i wonder if you are familar with sheep Dolly, the clone sheep. But it was a product a lot years ago. Medical technology at that time was not developed, so Dolly only lived for nearly six years. With the development of technology, stem cell is fully developed, and it has been introduced to medical treatment. I will tell you something about stem cell in the following part.

Stem cell is a kind of pluripotency cells which can self-replicate. In certain conditions, it can differentiate to various functional cells. Having a latent function that can regenerate all kinds of tissue organs, stem cell is called “multi-purpose cell” in medicine. Study state clearly, older you are, less number of stem cells you have. In embryo of 4-12 weeks, there are stem cells of the largest quantity and best quality.

After being injected into your boby, its homing function will lead them to repair your pancreas, if your pancreas is been repaired, it will have function of insulin secretion. Then you can get rid of insulin.

I hope what I said can help you. best wishes for you! And it is my pleasure to ask your question.

yours sincerely


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