Case Study: Type 2 Diabetes by the Combination of Stem Cells and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Gender: Male

Age: 56

From: Heilongjiang Province, China

Hospitalized Date: 2011-5-15

Discharge Date: 2011-6-20

Medical history

Five months before hospitalization, he felt frequent thirsty, drank and urinate more than usual. He went to the local hospital for fasting blood glucose test and the result was 16mmol/L, so he was diagnosed Diabetes. The following treatment was Metformin, but his blood glucose was around 10.0mmol/L. For better treatment, he came to our hospital.

Condition at hospitalization

He showed obvious symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes: extreme thirst and frequent urination, getting hungry in shorter time, easily get tired, numbness in lower legs and feet. After hospitalization, he was given blood sugar test and other tests. The result showed that his fasting blood glucose was still higher than normal range: 10.3mmol/L. Other tests showed slight kidney damage and neuropathy.

Diagnostic result: type 2 Diabetes

Treating process

After experts’ consultation, doctors decided to lower his blood glucose first and take it under control. Apart from the common medicine used in controlling blood glucose, Stem Cells Transplant and Micro-Chinese Medicine were also used. After a month’s combined treatment, the patient’s illness condition became improved and his blood glucose level was also taken into control. Besides, he could sleep better than before and had a better mental state.

Expert’s comment

Type 2 Diabetes is the combined result of both genetic factors and acquired reasons such as unhealthy lifestyle, overweight, etc. To treat this disease, we must focus on the susceptible genes and insulin resistance. In this case, the patient’s insulin resistance is the result of decreased susceptible receptors, which damage the function of the islet cells. Therefore, to treat his disease, the key point is to repair the susceptible receptors and block insulin resistance.

The combination of Stem Cells and Traditional Chinese Medicine has great effects on type 2 diabetes.

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