Type 2 Diabetes by Stem Cell Transplant: a Case Report

Case Presentation: A 56-year-old man was admitted to our hospital for abnormal huger, extreme thirst, excessive urine output. He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Before coming to our hospital, he was hospitalized in local. He received regarding treatment but it was unsatisfying and then he came to our hospital for a better treatment. When admitted to our hospital, he felt fatigue and numbness in the hand and foot. The test result showed FBS 14.56 mmol/l,Post-prandial blood glucose 18.88mmol/l, Urine sugar +++, HbA1C12.5%.

Process of treatment: After he was hospitalized, doctor gave him an evaluation of the disease and made out a treatment plan according to his condition. The supportive treatment and stem cells transplant were given. In the first weeks, supportive treatment was given to control his symptoms in order to provide a better internal environment for the application of stem cells. Several weeks later, his condition was stable. It was the best time to perform a stem cell transplant. There times stem cell transplant was given. 3 weeks later, the symptoms were improved and he was full of energy. The test results showed stable blood sugar, FGB 5.6mmol/l, and post-prandial blood glucose 5.1mmol/l. He was satisfied with treatment.

Discussion: Present, stem cells are the newest way to treat diabetes. Insulin is another treatment for diabetes but it is not a cure. Stem cells are the based-cells therapy which can regenerate new islet cells and restore the pancreatic tissue. 1. Repair the cells which can secrete the insulin. Besides islet cells in the body which can secrete the insulin, there are other cells in other tissues which can secrete insulin. Stem cells transplanted into the body will repair the cells to produce more insulin.

2. Repair the islet cells. Stem cells can repair the pancreas islet which can produce more new islet cells. Stem cells also can directly repair the islet beta cells to secrete more insulin. On the other hand, stem cells can produce cell factors, stimulating the regeneration of islet beta cells.

3. Stem cells work on the insulin resistance

Stem cells can promote the combination between insulin receptor and insulin to lower the insulin resistance.

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