The Measures to Prevent Diabetes

A healthy diet and lifestyle can lower the risk of developing diabetes. Diabetes is not an epidemic disease. Its onset is related to many factors including genes, environment. Obesity and lack of physical activity are the important factors leading to diabetes. People had better to follow a diet which is low salt, low fat, low sugar and high fiber, high vitamin. When weight gain occurs, physical activity is needed to loss weight. Giving up smoking and alcohol is the helpful for people to prevent diabetes.

Monitoring blood sugar is necessary to early find diabetes without symptoms. Blood sugar monitor should be done often. If some symptoms like itching skin, eye problems, abnormal urine volume occurs, people need to go to see a doctor to do some tests regarding diabetes. Early detection and prompt treatment can make sure a good prognosis. Blood sugar level should be normal or almost normal. The target fasting blood glucose is under 6.11mmol/l. HbA1c should be under 7.0%. People need to regularly monitor the blood pressure, blood fat and electrocardiogram.

On the other hand, people take measures to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes or its complications to decrease the mortality. Diabetes can easily cause the complications which are life-threatening so the early detection and treatment can prevent the onset of complications.

Having a healthy lifestyle and special diet is the key to prevent diabetes. If you suffer diabetes, don’t be worried. Diabetes can be controlled with proper treatment and diet.

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