How to Deal with School for Children with Diabetes

1. Children need to learn to inject insulin by themselves. School children with diabetes learn how to inject insulin by themselves in school. It is an optimal scheme not to inject insulin in school for some children.

2. Keep a proper and healthy diet. The diabetic diet is to eating a little but eating frequently. Children with diabetes need to eat some food during the break.

3. Learn how to self-rescue. It is better for children to learn to recognize the early sign of low blood sugar and measures to remit low blood sugar. When huger, fatigue, and sweat occur, food contain sugar is necessary. In additional, children with diabetes need to prepare enough water due to their frequent urination and intensive exercise which causes water loss.

4. Avoid the anaerobic exercise. Under the instruction of a teacher, they do some moderate exercise like jogging, swimming, biking, etc. Before doing exercise they had better to have some food in case of low blood sugar. Pay more attention to protection of foot in case of diabetic foot due to the damaged skin and infection.

It is suggested that if your children have some symptoms such as abnormal thirst, frequent urination at night, and extreme hunger, take your children to see a doctor to early prevent children diabetes. If your children are newly diagnosed with diabetes, parents should learn the basics to prevent the diabetic complications.

A prompt and proper treatment of diabetes is the key to get a good prognosis. Learn more about the Stem Cell Thearpy for Children with Diabetes

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