How to Control Diabetes Complications

(1) Cooperate with the staff and treat diabetes mellitus actively to make the blood glucose controlled in a normal or near the normal level in a long term. There are many methods to treat diabetes mellitus, such as alimentary therapeutics, cinesiotherapy, and drug treatment including taking antidiabetic drug, chinese medical and so on.

(2) Treat hypertension as early as possible. Persevere in alimentary therapeutics in a long term and eat less animal fat as possible. Restrict the quantity of foods containing of rich cholesterin such as animal organs, fish roe, and egg yolk and so on. Use medicines that lower the cholesterin.

(3) Proper sorting can make glycopenia and blood-fat low and control the weight effectively. It is also benefit to obviate the occurrence of diabetic complications, so they should insist on exercising every day. However, people with severe complication of heart and nephros should as the case may be.

(4) Keep abnormal body weight. Obesity is the enemy of longevity and the hotbed of many diseases. Obesity has close relationship with the occurrence and development of arteriosclerosis. Adjusting the weight properly and making it approach the standard body weight are of great importance to prevent the vascular lesion of diabetes.

(5) Take more hypotensive drug can control blood pressure actively if accompany high blood pressure.

(6) No smoking and drinking.

(7) Establish proper and regular diabetic diet.

(8) Examine the eye, electrocardiogram, kidney and nervous system regularly to strive for discovering complication and treating it earlier.

The above is some suggestion on how to prevent diabetic complications. If you have any other questions about diabetes, you can consult our experts online. We are glad to help you!

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