Diabetic Foot: Prevention is More Important than Treatment

First, they should pay more attention to the following five points.

Patients with Diabetes should attach more importance to preventing Diabetic Foot in their daily life. First, they should control their blood sugar.

High blood sugar can cause lesion of peripheral vessels thus leading to secondary infection, which is an important risk factor of Diabetic Foot. Controlling blood sugar effectively can decline lesion of peripheral vessels and is an important step in preventing Diabetic Foot. Second, lesion of peripheral nerve is an important factor in causing Diabetic Foot. So patients with Diabetes should take some medicine benefiting their nerve. What’s more, proper foot massage is also beneficial to them. Third, do not wear tight socks and shoes and do not walk barefoot. In addition, they should avoid damage to feet as possible as they can. Fourth, they should treat dermatophytosis actively and effectively. Usually, patients with Diabetes have varying degree fungus infection in their feet, which is an important factor in causing Diabetic Foot.

Next, avoid empyrosis.

Washing feet with hot water before sleeping can really relax you and also benefit your health. However, it is not appropriate for all of people, especially patients with Diabetes. For normal people, when feet sink into hot water, the local vessels will dilate and blood will circulate more rapidly, which can bring away the extra heat so the feet will not be hurt. However, this function of patients with Diabetes has declines greatly. According to statistics, Diabetic Foot caused by empyrosis covers 14.5% of patients with Diabetic Foot, which is also an important factor in causing amputation. High blood sugar of patients with Diabetes can cause lesions of peripheral nerve, microcirculation and vessels of whole body. Lesions of peripheral nerve can cause paraesthesia, amyotrophy, as well as abnormal secretion of sweat to the feet thus declining the defensive function. After their feet are burnt, they are easier to have infection, which can cause many sufferings to them. So patients with Diabetes must be extremely careful when washing feet. The water temperature should be below shell temperature.

Diabetic Foot does serious harm to patients with Diabetes, which not only brings damage to their body, but also to their mind. Effective and active precautionary measures have an important effect in preventing Diabetic Foot. Therefore, patients with Diabetes should pay more attention to health care in daily life.

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