How to Prevent the Complication of Diabetes?

The complication of Diabetes is very severe, and once patients with Diabetes suffer from it, they may be disabled for all their life. So it it very important and necesssary to prevent it from happening. In this passage, the experts in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital will give you some tips.

1. Patients with Diabetes should control the hyperglycemia strictly. The better the blood sugar is controlled, the less Diabetic Nephropathy will happen. The normal value is that when people are not full, the value of blood sugar is less than 6.1 mmol/l. After meal, the value should be less than 8.0 mmol/l and glycolated hemoglobin should be less than 6.5 %.

2. Patients with Diabetes should also take effective measures to control high blood pressure. They should also have less salt, and do proper exercise. In addition, take enough Ca. People who have already had high blood pressure should keep taking hypotensor following doctors' instructions.

3. Patients with Diabetes should take regular examination for Diabetic Nephropathy has no symptom at the early stage. They should pay more attention to the Microalbuminuria.

4. Patients with Diabetes should control hyperlipidemia. Both low density lipoprotein and increased cholesterol are risky factors which may lead to proteinuria. So those whose blood fat is out of order should adjust the blood fat timely.

5. Medical treatment. Once Microalbuminuria appear, whether people have high blood pressure or not should take ACEI or ARB, etc. Not only will the blood pressure drop, but also urinaryalbumin will decrease. All of the above delay the deterioration of renal damage.

6. Patients with Diabetes should also prevent urinary infection. It is easy for people with Diabetes to have urinary infection. If it happens, normative antibiotic therapy should be adopted so as to avoid further deterioration of renal function.

7. Patients with Diabetes should limit the intake of protein, which can delay the development of Diabetic Nepropathy. According to different stages of kidney disease, different measures should be taken. Taking less salt will help us control the blood pressure and edema. Adding Fe and Ca does good to the recovery of kidney.

8. Smoking can accelerate the decrease of renal function. People who smoke usually are more probably to suffer from the decline of renal failure than those who do not smoke. In a word, if you are used to smoking, please stop immediately.

9. Timely dialysis and kidney transplantation are necessary after people suffer from renal failure, which will help people regain health.

10. Avoid using medicine which is bad for kidney for some drugs do harm to renal function. People especially those with renal failure can not receive drugs which is mainly excreted by kidney. Therefore, before taking drugs, we should read the instructions carefully or follow doctors' advice.

The above-mentioned are tips given by experts in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. We hope that they can give you some help. If you still have any questions, please consult the experts on line and we will try our best to help you.

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