Which Kinds of People Are Easy to Suffer from Diabetes?

1. People whose family member have Diabetes are also easy to suffer from Diabetes.

2. People who are more than 40 years old are easy to suffer from Diabetes as well. For example, Type I Diabetes takes place usually at 30 to 35 years old. So for people aged more than 40, they should have regular glucose tolerance examination especially for those who have obesity and those whose family members have Diabetes. Blood glucose in a normal person is 3.5mmol/L~11.1mmol/L. If it is higher than the range, people should go to have a further examination.

3. Those who are fat are likely to have Diabetes. 80% of people with Type II Diabetes are fat.

4. People under enormous pressure also tend to have Diabetes. Mental tension will lead the adrenaline, thyroxine which are against insulin secrete more. At the same time, mental tension will also make the nervous centralis out of order. So to prevent Diabetes, we should relax ourselves.

5. Improper diet and unscientific work and rest will also lead to Diabetes. In addition, people who like drinking alcohol and smoking are also likely to suffer from Diabetes. What's more, to prevent Diabetes, they should also avoid food which is rich in fat, protein, salt, and starch.

6. People who often get infection have risk of getting Diabetes.

7. People who are taking medicine for a long time will also be likely to have Diabetes. The medicine is such as heightening medicine, antimicrobial drug, acyeterion, hexadecadrol, prednisone, etc.

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