Common Preventions for Type 1 Diabetes

1. Drink much water and eat less salt: Polyuria is one symptom of Type 1 Diabetes. Usually patients are afraid of drinking much water, because they consider that if they drink more water, there is more urine and urine sugar. This opinion is totally wrong. Polyuria is caused by high blood sugar other than drinking much water. In a state of high blood sugar, organism needs to increase urine volume and then excretes excessive sugar.

Most of Type 1 Diabetics also suffer from high blood pressure and obesity. Eating much salt will raise the blood pressure and is unfavorable to prevent and treat the high blood pressure, so the salt amount should be controlled, which can decrease possibilities of suffering from heart disease and apoplexy.

2. Diet-cased therapy: People who frequently eat high heat and high fat food are easy to suffer from Type 1 Diabetes. To prevent Diabetes, diet should limit to low-heat and high- cellulose food. Frequently eat vegetables, fruits and roughage is very necessary, too.

3. Do exercises regularly: It is of prime important for Type 1 Diabetics to do exercises regularly. Everyday you can do exercises such as walking, jogging, swimming and so on for 30 minutes, which is definitely beneficial. As an important characteristic of Type 1 Diabetes, insulin resistance refers to insensitive to insulin and without normally utilization. Regular exercises can improve sensibility of insulin and prevent Type 2 Diabetes effectively.

4. Control weight: Obesity, especially abdominal obesity, is a dangerous factor of Type 2 Diabetes. As the living standard improves, there are more and more fat children who are easy to get Diabetes. People have to pay attention to this occasion. In order to prevent Diabetes effectively, firstly you should decrease the weight to a normal degree.

5. Stem Cell Transplantation: At present, Stem Cell Transplantation is the most effective therapy to treat Diabetes. Stem cell is a kind of pluripotency cells with self-renew ability. Under certain condition, they can differentiate into diverse specialized cell types with potential functions of regenerate various tissue organs and human body. Based on this function, Stem cell transplantation can treat Diabetes which results from the body's failure to produce insulin due to damaged islet beta cells and insulin secretion cell, while increase sensibility of Intracellular glycoprotein transport, promote combination of insulin receptor and insulin, and reduce insulin resistance effect. That is to say, Stem Cell Transplantation can solve the fundamental cause of Diabetes.

Although each therapy is of great benefit, the most important thing is to carefully analyze your own condition and chose the most appropriate method. If you have more questions, please consult our online experts who are glad to give you more instructive suggestions.

Do you have any question? You can leave a message.A detailed analysis of your condition by our experts can greatly guide your treatment and daily care.

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