Preventions of Diabetic Foot

Have footbath correctly.

It is cold and dry in winter, so Diabetics should pay attention to use warm water (less than 40 centigrade) when having footbath, and use flexible soap instead of irritant type. Before having footbath, you had better test the water temperature by hands or ask someone to help so that you can avoid burning yourself with overhigh-temperature water. Time should be controlled between 5 to 10 minutes. After the bath, dry your foot slightly with soft towel and use small amount of talcum powder to keep skin of between toes dry. By using lubricant emulsion or nourishing cream, you can keep foot skin soft, and avoid dry skin and rhagadia. Do not warm your feet near the fire and avoid using electric blanket or foot warmers, which can avoid burning your skin unconsciously.

Trim toenails in a correct way.

It is the best time to trim toenails when they are soft after the footbath. Trim them to a smooth state, not too short which is too close to the skin. Do not manicure edges of toenails in shape of circle or angle and avoid hurt or infection to skin of nail groove.

Examine your feet.

Diabetics should examine your feet to detect whether there is any abnormality.

Do foot exercises frequently.

You can do crus and foot exercises for 30 to 60 minutes, which can improve the blood circulation of lower limbs and prevent presence of foot pathological changes. Exercises include walking, lift heels and tiptoe, bend knees and squat, and swing legs, etc.

Dispose of hurts.

When neural damages present on Diabetics, they possibly haven’t feel stimulation and ache of the wound. Any hurt skin is easy to be infected which causes serious problem. When having examination everyday, you’d better dispose your wound under medical workers’ instructions.

Wear comfortable shoes and socks.

Because of vascular and neural pathological changes, Diabetics are easily bruised and then get infected unconsciously. So in order to prevent Diabetic foot, you should prepare comfortable shoes and socks.

As to the serious problems caused by Diabetic foot, Diabetics should have related preventive knowledge and avoid presence of the disease. If you have such problems, please ask our online experts for help. Hope you get well soon!

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