How to Control High Blood Sugar in Patients with Diabetes

1. Control of the total quantity of heat. We should determine the total quantity of heat according to patient’s conditions including nutritional status, weight, age, gender and physical activity. The principle is to control the weight a little lower or within the standard body weight. In general, ingested heat of elderly people is 1500~1800 kilocalorie per day which can be reduced to 1200~1500 kilocalorie for fat people. Carbohydrate takes up about 60% of the total amount which equals to 300~400g of staple food. Sugar disintegration is rather slow in coarse grains and they are suitable to Diabetics. Besides, adequate high quality proteins should be supplied. You can have lean meat (such as fish, eggs, and soybean products) for 150~200g and milk for 250g.

2. Sufficient dietary fiber and vitamin. High cellulose food can slow down the disintegration and absorption of carbohydrate, which is beneficial to the balance of blood sugar. Insufficient supply of vitamin and trace elements will occur because of reduced food intake, so it’s necessary to eat more fresh vegetables. Fruits contain much fructose, and you had better not eat when blood sugar is not well-controlled. You can also orally take various vitamins and mineral substance pills (bolus) to supplement.

3. Prevention of complications. People of Diabetes suffer from fat metabolism disorders, high blood fat and fast development of atherosclerosis. You should control cholesterol levels in food, and less than 300mg/d, which equals to eat an egg everyday. Eat less or no animal fat and animal viscera food with high cholesterol. It is very easy to present renal insufficiency, so you had better examine the urine protein frequently.

Have a good control of high blood sugar can get Diabetics in a less severe condition, so with suggestions above, you can take good care of your condition. For more advice, please consult our experts online.

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