What is the Future of Children with Type 1 Diabetes?

1. Psychological damage:

The angels themselves will feel that they are unusual. But they don't know why they need injection every day, why they have to eat pills, and they will fall in a faint. They can not do the same exercise with their little partners. If they go to join with them, they may fall in a faint due to hypoglycemia. If they refuse to inject insulin wilfully, they will be weak. Maybe other little children will laugh at them. A self-contemptuous ' seed ' has been buried in their heart from childhood.

2. Physical damage:

Pain, such little bodys, how can they bear the pain three times a day? Some children will cry to rend almost any heart, and their parents can't bear to watch their children's pain and they will shed tears,too. Each time of insulin injection is the painful moment for the whole family.

3. Increasing weight:

Although insulin is very effective in controlling blood glucose, but long-time insulin injection can make little angels become fatter and fatter. After all insulin is a kind of hormone. They are so young, they should be very happy at this time, but they are annoyed with their fat body.

4. Increasing volume of insulin.

Long-time insulin injection might result in insulin resistance, thus leading to volume of insulin injection become more and more, but blood glucose can not be well controlled.

5. Complication of Diabetes.

Diabetes will result in a series of complications,such as Diabetic Eye Disease, Diabetic Foot, Diabetic Skin Disease and so on.

6. Renal damage.

Diabetes is a kind of capillary pathological changes of the whole body. While kidney is capillary groups, if the blood capillaries have lesions, there must be damage in kidney. And most of the drugs that the children eat have renal toxicity, they will do harm to kidney, thus resulting in Diabetic Nephropathy.

For the little angels with type 1 Diabetes, choosing an effective treatment means choosing a bright future, and a splendid life. Although insulin injection is effective in controlling blood glucose, but it can not repair the damaged pancreas, the little angels have to live on insulin in their rest life. Appearance of Stem Cell brings gospel for these little angels, Stem Cell can help them get rid of the burden on their wings, thus they can fly high as they want.

If you have some questions about treating type 1 Diabetes with Stem Cell, you can consult with our experts online, they will solve your problem patiently. Hope your little angels can fly without burden and have a bright future!

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