Prognosis of Diabetes

Therapeutic prognosis of Diabetes:

1. Most of people with Diabetes have no symptoms, and some patients had had complications of Diabetes already when they were diagnosed as Diabetes.

2. Diabetes is a kind of disease that can not be cured but can be well controlled. Treating with the therapy properly, most of the patients can live a normal life as other people.

3. Occurrence and development of Diabetic complications is not only related to high blood glucose, but also related to other factors, such as high blood pressure, hyperlipaemia, obesity, too little exercise, diet structure, and heredity and so on. Among these factors, some of them can be controlled completely, and some can be controlled partly, and some of them can not be controlled. It is very important to control these risk factors.

4. Diabetes can lead to serious complications. These complications can make patients be deprived of labor ability, and even these complications can result in death. Some of these complications could be avoid, some could be treat, some could be ameliorate, and some develop slowly. It is related to control of Diabetes directly or indirectly, whether the consequence brought by complications is serious or not.

Treatment of Diabetic High Blood Glucose includes: proper education of Diabetes knowledge, dietotherapy, kinesitherapy, drug treatment and self-monitor and other methods. Try your best to control your blood glucose maintaining a level which is normal or close to normal. I hope forementioned prognosis of Diabetes may help you. Hope you will become healthy early!

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