Insulin Pump’s Advantages

1) Insulin pump releases insulin more physiologically. It can improve HbA1C, decreasing the risk of hypoglycemia.

2) Insulin pump is quite convenient. Some kind of insulin pump is waterproof, so people can swim with it. There are many kinds of insulin pumps, each of them has its own characteristic.

3) With insulin pump, you can eat flexibly whenever and whatever.

4) Insulin pump can improve your quality of life.

5) Insulin pump can control acute complications of diabetes.

6) Insulin pump can provide an accurate record of insulin usage through their history menus. On many insulin pumps, this history can be uploaded to a computer and graphed for trend analysis.

7) Study shows that using insulin pump can relieve neuropathy pain.

8) Using insulin lowers the side effects of insulin. The body absorbs insulin stably when using insulin pump. As the dosage of insulin decreases, the rate of developing hyperinsulinemia declines.

9) Using an insulin pump makes diabetes management much easier. For example, if your sugar level is high or you want to eat, figure out how much insulin you need and push the little button on the pump.

All above are advantages of insulin pump. If you are suitable for this tiny insulin pump, you can take it into consideration. Besides, if you cannot bear the fact that you will depend on insulin for the rest of your life, you can contact with us so as to know some information about Stem Cell Transplant. Contact with us at [email protected]

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