Common Factors Affect the Prognosis of Diabetes

Common factors can affect the prognosis of diabetes:

1. psychic factor:

Sympathetic nervous system will be stimulated if patients of diabetes experience mental stress, anxious, fear, anger or worry. Sympathetic stimulation can accelerate the break down of glycogen, so the ability of insulin secretion is decreased and the blood glucose level will increase. Patients with diabetes should strengthen their cultivation of mind and body, always keep a positive mind and avoid mental stimulation.

2. stress state:

Acute traumatic accidents, hyperpyrexia, infection and major surgeries are all the stress factors to put diabetic patients in a stress state. Stress state will stimulate the secretion of adnephrin and other stress hormones. With the increase of those stress hormones the blood glucose level are stimulated to increase.

3. sudden weather change:

The sympathetic nervous system will stay in an excitement state if we experience cold or hot all of a sudden. The excitement of the sympathetic nervous system increases the blood glucose level in our bodies. Thus, the diabetic patients should change their clothing according to the weather change.

4. improper exercise:

Both much exercise or fewer activities can increase the blood glucose level, some may have ketoacidosis as a severe condition. However, proper exercise can increase the effective utilization of glucose in our muscle and lower the blood glucose and improve the symptoms. We suggest patients with diabetes to do some exercise everyday under the instruction of your physician.

5. pregnancy:

Hormones against insulin secretion are secreted during pregnancy; it will cause a relative shortage of insulin which increases the blood glucose level on pregnant women with diabetes.

6. contraceptive pills

Oral contraceptive pills are able to increase the blood glucose level; therefore, female patients with diabetes are not suggested to take oral contraceptive pills.

7. medications:

Diabetic patients who suffer its complications should not take medication blindly, especially Prednisone, Dexamethasone, growth hormones, estrogen and high concentrated glucose infusion. All of these medications can increase the blood glucose level.

Patients with diabetes who expect a better treatment effect and fast recovery should avoid those factors mentioned above.

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