Diabetes Prognosis and Treatment Principles

1. Goals and principles of the treatment:

The main purposes of treating diabetes include correcting metabolic disturbance, eliminating symptoms, ensuring the normal growth and development (of the children), maintaining the ability to study, live and work. It also targets to prevent the occurrence of any acute or chronic complications, to prolong life and decrease disability prevalence and mortality rate. The quality of patient’s life should be guaranteed, but at the same time, the goals mentioned the above should be achieved.

To preserve in treating diabetes and manage integratedly is the main principle of the treatment of diabetes. Treatments of diabetes should point to not only blood sugar control but also the prevention and treatment of its complications (hypertension, disturbance of lipid metabolism, etc.). The treatment of diabetes combines education of diabetes, dietary instruction, regular exercise, medication therapy and self-monitoring and other measures to remedy glucose metabolism in a normal or approximate level.

2. Prognosis of diabetes:

(a). Diabetes cannot be cured by treatment technology at present. However, most of the patients with diabetes can live and work the same with other ordinary people if the current treatment is given appropriately.

(b). Severe complications of diabetes may lead to disability or death to diabetic patients; nevertheless, some of these complications can be avoided or well controlled or even cured! The progression of these complications affects the treatment of diabetes directly.

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