Do You Know the Connection between Proteinuria (Protein in Urine) and Diabetes

There is no exclusive connection between proteinuria and Diabetes, since proteinuria can be caused by medical conditions other than Diabetes, among which some have serious or even life-threatening consequences, such as the toxic lesions in the kidneys, a serious urinary tract infection or hypertensive nephropathy.

What are stages of proteinuria in diabetics?

The protein volume in healthy people is less than 150mg/24h and no more than 300mg/24h in young people. If the total urine protein is more than 300mg/24h, it is called proteinuria. There are three stages of proteinuria in diabetics: micro-albuminuria (30~300mg/24h), heavy proteinuria (0.3~3g/24h), and severe proteinuria (more than 3g/24h accompanied by hypoproteinemia and edema).

Why can Diabetes cause proteinuria?

Diabetes can cause systemic damages to people, one of which is the kidneys. With longstanding high levels of blood sugar, the blood flow becomes slow and extracellular matrix deposits. As a result, the nutrient supply to the kidneys is blocked. Gradually, the renal capillaries are damaged and cause glomerular sclerosis. Over time, kidney filters cannot effectively block proteins from being leaked into urine any more, thus resulting in increasing protein in urine.

How can we effectively treat proteinuria in people with Diabetes?

Typically, treatment for a person who has both proteinuria and Diabetes begins by taking an Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) inhibitor to reduce the amount of protein in their urine. If the ACE inhibitors do not reverse the proteinuria, then a physician might prescribe an Angiotensen Receptor Blocker (ARB) to decrease the amount of protein in urine. These therapies can alleviate the symptoms, but the proteinuria is easy to relapse once the patients get infection. Here we recommend the characteristic Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. The therapy can repair the damaged islet cells, and then the beta cells can produce insulin normally again. In this case, we can cure Diabetes successfully.

Now you are clear about the connection between proteinuria and Diabetes. For diabetics, pay more attention to your own condition if you have proteinuria. It is necessary to have early detection and prompt treatment, which may help you avoid further deterioration and reverse your disease.

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