The Causes of Diabetes


Diabetes is the outcoming of environment factor and genetic factor. Genetic factor is the internal cause and the environment factor which is the base of diabetes onset is the external cause which is the condition of diabetes.

1. Genetic factor.

Genetic factor definitely plays a role in diabetes. Children of parent of diabetes have the more chance of getting diabetes than children of non-diabetes parents. But it is not to say that children of diabetes parents must develop diabetes. Some researches indicate that even though two parents have type 2 diabetes, their children have only less than 50% chance of developing diabetes. It is proved that genetic factor definitely plays a role in diabetes but diabetes can be preventable.

2. Environmental factor.

Environmental factor is important in diabetes. Scientists know this through studying identical twins. The two identical twins share the same DNA. But one develops diabetes in several years later but another did not. Environmental factor include obesity, less physical activity, tension, overwork, wound, surgery and other serious disease etc.

As you can see, the causes of diabetes are complicated. Many factors influence the onset of diabetes such as weight, diet, genes, physical activity and age. No one thing alone can predict whether or not a person will get diabetes. If your love or you have diabetes, don’t be disappointed. As the medical technology develops, the treatment are becoming better and better. Diabetics have more options to treat diabetes. Now Immunotherapy , a newest treatment have been used to treat diabetes. If you want to learn more, please read on Immunotherapy for Diabetes.

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