The Major Symptoms of Diabetes

1. increasing urine output

The diabetics’ blood sugar increases, and the blood sugar level surpasses renal glucose threshold, as a result, sugar would appear in the urine. Because of the rising glucose in the urine, a lot of water would be brought away when urinating, so the diabetics would have increasing urine output.

2. frequent thirst

With increased urine output, the patients would lose a lot of water and patients would feel thirsty and they would increase the intake of water to supplement the fluid lost from the body.

3. elevated appetite

As a result of lack of insulin, the tissues’ utilization of glucose in our body would would lessen and most of the glucose would be passed out of body through urine. So the patients would lack energy and they would feel hungry more then before.

4. weight loss

Lack of insulin would speed the disintegration of protein and fat, and lessen the synthetization of insulin, the patients would mainly depend on the disintegration of fat to get energy. So the patients would feel weak and their weight would decline over time.

5. acute metabolic disorder

Patients can have ketosis, acidosis and NKHH, who may have symptoms such as inappetence, nausea, vomit, dyspnea, drowsiness and even coma.

6. organ functional disorder

Patients can be detected when treated with the complications of diabetes, such as cataract.

7. infection

Patients can be detected when they have skin infection, urinary tract infection and phthisis.

Once patients have some of the symptoms of diabetes, they should go to hospital immediately to do further tests to determine whether they have diabetes or not. Early treatment can help the patients control their conditions and even reverse their diabetes in some cases.

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