Sweet Taste in Diabetes

Actually, there are two causes of sweet taste in mouth.

Disorder of digestion can cause abnormal secretion of various digestive enzyme and starch in the spittle will increase and then people can feel sweet taste in mouth. People who eat too much spicy food or have stomach problems experience sweet taste in mouth.

Secretion function of pancreas declines which can lead to a high sugar level in blood and increased sugar level in spittle.

People with diabetes had better to go for a test because sweet taste may be an early sign of elevated blood sugar. High blood glucose can cause a sweet taste in mouth. Poor control of blood glucose level will result in the diabetic ketoacidosis which occurs when the body can not use glucose as a fuel source. Instead, fat is used to provide energy.

At last, some medicine also can cause sweet taste in mouth. People with diabetes should pay more attention to the blood sugar but also the mouth health. For diabetes, sweet taste in mouth is a warning of high blood sugar. You can monitor your blood sugar each day and control it. If the symptom of sweet taste in mouth remits, you can be ease. If not, go to see a doctor and find the underlying causes.

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