The commonest symptoms of diabetes Mellitus

Other warning signs of Diabetes:

Poor vision. This is because high blood sugar will pull the fluid from the lenses of your eyes and affect your vision but your vision can be improved if Diabetes is treated and your blood sugar is lowered. Most of this symptom is slight but some severe ones can lead to blindness. In addition, this is the reason why one of the complications of Diabetes is eye problems (retinopathy).

Weight gain or weight loss. You may gain your weight because your body is trying to compensate the lost fluid and glucose in the urine and you will always feel hunger and eat too much food. But weight loss also occurs often. Although you eat much more than usual, your muscle tissue still can’t get enough glucose to produce the energy you need. This is especially true in Type 1 Diabetes and most of the patients will have a body weight of lower than the normal range.

Increased fatigue. Glucose or sugar serves as the fuel of your body. In time of Diabetes, insufficient insulin will lead to less absorption, transformation and utilization of glucose, resulting in insufficient supplement of energy, and then you will feel tied all the time.

The above is about common symptoms of diabetes. If you have one or more of these symptoms, I suggest you immediately see a doctor and confirm a diagnosis, not ignoring your problems which may be indicators of big problems because diabetes can cause a lot of complications such as kidney disease, cardiovascular diseases and retinopathy.

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