Sweet Taste in Mouth in Diabetics

Sweet taste in mouth is often common in people with digestive system disorder or diabetes. Digestive system disorder can cause abnormal secretion of various digestive enzyme especially the increased amylase in the spittle which causes the sweet tastes in the mouth. Under this condition, people often feel thirsty, and hungry. Dry stool may occur in people.

On the other hand, sweet taste can be caused by Diabetes. Blood sugar rise causes increased sugar level in spittle, leading to sweet tastes in mouth. Under the circumstances, people have dry mouth, fatigue, dry stool, etc. You need to adjust the dose of insulin or medicine to control blood sugar.

If you feel sweet in mouth, you need to see a doctor to find the underlying cause. If sweet taste in mouth is caused by high blood sugar, you can ask your doctor to lower your blood sugar. If it is caused by digestive system disorder, it is not a serious problem.

Sweet taste in mouth is only one sign of diabetes. The key is to control blood sugar. Otherwise, a lot of complications may occur which are life-threatening.

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