What Causes Frequent Urination in Diabetes

For example, a person with diabetes drinks a 17 fl oz bottle of water over a three hour span and eat food too, at the end of the three hours you urinate once every 20 minutes for 2 hours.

Why does diabetes cause frequent urination?

When someone has diabetes, there are high sugar levels in the body. The sugar in the blood increases the blood’s osmolality. This tends to pull fluid out of tissues and into the blood stream. When the blood flows through the kidneys, they are forced to work overtime to filter and absorb the excess sugar. Your kidneys get an increased fluid load delivered to them and make more urine because of it.

Some people think that frequent urination is due to drinking too much water. Therefore, they will control the water intake. In fact, it is totally wrong and harmful to the body. The frequent urination is caused by high blood sugar in the blood. So, the ways to resolve frequent urination are to control diabetes.

Tips for Diabetes people with frequent urination

Besides control of blood sugar, here are some suggestions.

1. Once nervous bladder occurs, patients have to see a doctor immediately because it can cause urine infections and water retention.

2. Properly drink more water to wash the urinary tract. And urinate when there are urination in case of bacteria.

3. Drink mineral water when the PH is lower.

4. Properly play sports to enhance immune symptom which is helpful to control your disease.

In summary, when frequent urination happens, go to see a doctor and control your blood sugar well.

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