Diabetes Patients with End-Stage Renal Failure Suffer Reduced Urination

Diabetes kidney disease may develop into the end-stage renal failure. End-stage renal failure is a condition in which your kidneys can not work normally to remove the wastes and fluid from the blood. If so, plenty of wastes and fluid can build up in the body, causing a lot of symptoms which are severe. Theses symptoms include urination change.

Why do you have urination change?

Patients with end-stage renal failure have a reduced GFR. A part of people will suffer reduced urine volume with the condition progressing. But there are a lot of patients who have normal urine volume. Reduced urination volume can not tell how severe your kidney condition is. The reason of reduced urination is the kidney function decline.

Is it better to drink more water?

Some patients think it is better for them to drink more water which can promote the urination. Before drinking water, patients should consider some factors including edema, high blood pressure, heart failure etc. If you have no urination with these symptoms mentioned before, restriction of water is needed. How much water can you drink? Consult your doctor who will give you some advice.

The above is about the reduced urination in end-stage kidney disease. You can consult our experts online, we are glad to help you!

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