Why Do Type 2 Diabetes Sufferers Feel Hunger after Eating

“I am diabetic and I get hungry and tired when my sugar is high. When I don’t take my medications my diabetes gets out of control then I become very tired all the time and I eat like crazy.”

“I am wondering if anyone else with type 2 diabetes feel hungry all the time and tired?”

“I also have type 2 diabetes for 5 years. I get hungry and tired when my sugar is high and then I eat a lot”

Why do type 2 diabetes sufferers feel hungry after eating?

The reasons why diabetics get hungry include:

1. Normally, people feel energetic after eating but diabetics don’t feel full of energy because their body doesn’t convert the food into energy. When we eat, our pancreas secretes insulin and sends the insulin to take the blood sugar into the cells which is stored as energy. Due to deficiency of insulin, the body doesn’t take enough blood sugar into the cells. Therefore,you feel hungry and tired.

2. A large amount of glucose is lost with urine.

3. Because the body can not make use of glucose, the body has to use protein and fat to provide enough energy. This process consumes a large amount of energy and then people will feel hungry and tired.

How to deal with this issue?

You can start to deal with your huger and tiredness by the following ways:

1. Focus on protein based food and limit simple carbohydrates.

2. When you feel hungry, you can eat some vegetables or fruits such as tomato, cabbage, cucumber etc.

3. Eat smaller portions of food, but eat more often throughout the day.

4. Exercise. Lose your weight and increase energy by proper exercise. Weight training is recommended to you.

The underlying cause of hunger and tiredness is high blood sugar. Therefore, finding an effective treatment helps to resolve all the problems that you are experiencing. Maybe you are interested in the article: Latest Treatment for Diabetes with Stem Cell Transplant

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