Hidden Symptoms of Diabetes and Its Risk

Skin itching:

About 10% of diabetic patients may have systemic or localized skin itching. A girl who got serious itch on the skin used some medicine on itching skin but that did not work. Then she saw a doctor and was diagnosed with diabetes. If you have an itching skin without reason, diabetes should be considered.

Hair loss

Hair loss may be an indicator of diabetes. A girl who began to lose hair when she was 14 years old was diagnosed with diabetes. If you have the same problem with her, it is suggested that you had better to see a doctor and have a confirmed diagnosis.

Nausea and fatigue

One woman told that she ate a very healthy diet and after dinner decided to treat herself with a small oatmeal cookie sandwich like you can buy for kids’ lunches. She began to feel nauseous minutes later and still do after forty minute.

The risk of hidden symptoms of diabetes

Diabetes is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Diabetics who have diabetes are twice more likely to develop heart disease than the rest of the population. Diabetes may put you at risk for infections, heart disease, hypertension and stroke which are life-threatening.

The hidden symptoms of diabetes are very dangerous. I suggest that if you are risk of diabetes, you need to regular do test in case of serious complications onset.

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