What Is the Reason of Body Swelling in Diabetic Insulin Injection

If the injection-site is swelling

Swollen injection-site is common in diabetics with insulin injection. They occur because insulin stimulates the production of fatty tissue, and are produced by injection too much insulin in one place. In some cases, people feel painless when injecting insulin so they repeatedly inject in one place. However, insulin always injected in one place is absorbed slowly. There are no nerves and blood vessels in the swollen sites so they are not red or painful. If the swelling is a big and noticeable bump, you had better to rotate the injection sites because that makes it harder for the insulin to be absorbed.

If your body is swelling not the injection site, kidney damage may be considered.

Longstanding blood sugar can increase blood flow through kidneys. Kidneys have to work harder than before. Over time, a permanent damage to kidneys occurs. Healthy kidneys are crucial organs to remove wastes and fluid from the blood. If they fail to work normally, excessive fluid builds up in the body, causing swelling in any part of the body. The swelling around the eyes, or on the face, ankle is common in diabetes kidney disease.

Diabetes kidney disease is a common complication of diabetes that often occurs after 5-10 years diabetes onset. Besides swelling, there are some other symptoms including:

Foamy urine (protein leaking into the urine)



High blood pressure

Higher cholesterol and triglyceride levels

Poor appetite

Trouble sleeping

If you have swelling and any one of these symptoms, I suggest you see a doctor immediately and get a confirmed condition. Edema is a sign of dangerous disease.

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