Hyperlipidemia-One Fatal Complication of Diabetes

However, when dysfunction of insulin secretion and reception system occurs, glucose can not be transmitted into cells, which means that cells can not get energy through protein synthesis metabolism. And lipid is the very alternative source of energy. or in another word, lipid catabolism will be the following choice. Lipid catabolism for patients with diabetes is like taking fatty foods, and you can image the result of this—the increase of lipid concentration within blood, of course.

Then what are the risks of Hyperlipidemia or high level of lipid in blood?

1. Oxidation of fatty acid within the Liver gives rise to production of mass ketone body, and ketone body retention within blood will leads to ketoacidosis, which contributes to dysfunction of various organs and can finally lead to mortality.

2. With the degrading of body lipid and muscle, there is overall immunity reduction of the patient. Patient becomes thin and experiences easily fatigue and weakness.

3. High concentration of glucose and lipid within blood can increase its viscosity, which slow down blood circulation speed. And this gives rise to insufficient blood and oxygen supply to many organs.

4. LDL (low density lipoprotein) takes lipid from body parts to the Liver for further process. Slowed down blood circulation speed and masse secretion of LDL leads to LDL deposition on blood vessels. And these LDL will oxidase into ox-LDL, and during this process, massive of radical are released. These radicals cause damages to blood vessels directly. And this could be the beginning of blood thrombus.

5. LDL deposition on blood vessels also prevents the reception of insulin by blood vessel epithelial cells, and thus aggravates the transmit of glucose, lipid and amino acid.

Hyperlipidemia is one of the most dangerous symptoms of Diabetes, and can also contribute the further aggravation of Diabetes. As we have already known, the treatment of Diabetes is a complicate and systematic one, which rectifies overall dysfunction of the whole body. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Immunotherapy focus repairing pancreas islet and the defects in cells receiving insulin. So, the reduction of lipid level within blood can be realized with the alleviation of Diabetes.

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