Is Edema the Sign of Kidney Disease for Diabetes

Edema is just an outward manifestation. There are many reasons leading to edema, including kidney function impairment, cardiac damage, cryptorrhea, and hormonal abnormalities in women. So, it is crucial to identify the exact reason. When edema occurs, Diabetes patients should go to hospital immediately. Despite of the various factors leading to edema, the appearance of it may suggest Diabetes has worsened.

Considering the individual differences on clinical manifestations, Diabetics should check their bodies on a regular basis.

The causes of edema for Diabetes are as follows:

1. Diabetic Heart Disease, including Coronary disease, Cardiomyopathy which may cause heart function decline.

Under this condition, edema is closely related with heart failure, mostly common as Right Heart Failure, which includes jugular varicosity, hepatosplenomegaly and edema in lower limbs.

2. Diabetes of kidney disease, which is the most common reason for edema. Due to the decline of the GFR, plasma protein decreases, kidney function impairment, edema in eyelids, face will appear. The patients can find protein, or casts in urine test.

3. Diabetic neuropathy

Angioedema is always seen in the lower limbs, which is also influenced with position and activity. Because sympathetic innervation in the lower lombs are lost, peripheral vasculars will dilate and blood flow increases, arteriovenous shunt will form, so patients will have edemia in the lower limbs. Edema caused by Diabetic neuropathy may also be accompanied with partial dumb of the limbs.

4. Hypoglyceimic agents will also cause edema.

Insulin, D 8 6 0, chlorpropamide or the reslease of antidiuretic hormone will cause retention of water and sodium. Hypothyroidism will cause edema or Myxedema.

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