Amblyopia, A Symptom of Early Diabetes in Children

What causes the Amblyopia?

The visual system does not develop when the babies are at birth. They are only sensitive to light that time. The following 2 years are very important for their visual system development. If Heterotropia, Anisometropia, Cataract, Ptosis and Nubecula happen during this period, the babies’ visual system development will be disturbed. In addition, covering an eye of the baby for a long time due to visual problems can also affect the development of visual system and it may lead to Amblyopia.

How to intervene?

To treat Amblyopia, a pair of correction eye glasses is needed after cycloplegic refraction. For Diabetic children with ametropic Amblyopia, their vision may improve a lot after wearing the proper eye glasses. Besides wearing eye glasses, these Diabetic children also need other treatment under the instruction of their doctors, such as occlusion therapy (keep the eye covered), penalization therapy (to penalize the good eye in children), pleoptic therapy (exercises designed to improve the vision of the children) and red filter treatment and other medications.

Generally speaking, if the treatment given to the children is proper, the prognosis will be quite good.

From the introduction above we can see that, Amblyopia is a vision problem belongs to developmental disease. The treatment effect is better if the child can be treated at a younger age. But do not look down Amyblyopia, if the children did not receive treatment before 12 years old, Amblyopia will become irreversible. Not only Amblyopia but also other diseases, they need to be treated as early as they are found.

Parents of Diabetic children should have a close observation of their children’s daily life. if they are found to have any signs of symptoms of visual problems, such as reading a book closely, seeing things with narrow eyes or turning their heads sideways and using one eye to look at things. Diabetic children with these phenomenons should go to see a doctor and have a check-up or further treatment.

To differentiae Diabetic retinopathy from Amblyopia in Diabetic children, it is better to undergo some check-ups. Furthermore, Diabetic children should have a regular check-up periodically and should control their blood glucose level under the help of their parents. The onset of Diabetic retinopathy can be effectively prevented only by this way.

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