The 24 Signs of Prediabetes

The 24 signs of Prediabetes are:

1. Recurrence of Carbuncle.

2. Intractable Pruritus Vulvae on women, especially those women who have Menopause.

3. People who have rime on the underwears or urine rime on the bottom of the pants.

4. People who have Numbness and Tingling on the extremities or they are not that sensitive to cold and heat.

5. People who have Visual Disorder, Cataracta or decreased size of pupils.

6. People who have increased urinary frequency, especially at night.

7. People who have Enuresis or Acraturesis, or even have recurrence of Frequent Micturition, Urgency and Urodynia.

8. Males who experience Erectile Disorder, Derogatic Sexual Function; females who have Paramenia or Amenorrhea.

9. Over 50 years old people with Hypertension, Coronary Heart Disease or Cerebrovascular disease.

10. Obese people.

11. People who have unreasonable symptoms of Hypoglycemia before meals, like Weakness, Hyperhidrosis, Shivering and Hungry.

12. Women who had give birth to Macrosomia (fetus with weight over 4 Kg) or women who had experience Multiple Karyotypes.

13. People who have recurrence of Chronic Pancreatitis, Hepatitis, Adiposis Hepatica, Hepatic Cirrhosis.

14. People who have past medical history of trauma or pancreatic surgery.

15. People who have family history of Diabetes.

16. People who have Endocrine Disorder especially Hyperfunctional Endocrine problems.

17. People who have take long-term high sugar diets or long-term infusion of dextrose in water.

18. People who have recurrent and refractory Tuberculosis, especially Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

19. People who have autoimmune problems and take a long period of cortical hormone.

20. People who feel thirst, or those who have Petechia or Edema on the mucous membrane of mouth, or people who have a buring sensation in the mouth.

21. People who have Rhomboid Glossitis Median.

22. People who have normal gastrointestinal function experience sudden onset of refractory diarrhea or alternating occurrence of constipation and diarrhea, and antibiotics are not work.

23. People who are suffering from Gout.

24. People who's fasting blood glucose level is between 5.6~6.9mmol/L or random blood sugar level is between 6.5~11.1mmol/L.

Above are the 24 signs of Prediabetes, people who have the above problems are suggested check-ups or consulting your doctor for preventing from Diabetes.

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