The Symptoms of Diabetes

The first symptom is that people with Diabetes drink more. It is because the cells lost water severely, which stimulate the nerve center, and then nerve center make an order that we should drink. The times of drinking and the amount of water increase obviously. We replenish water for our body by drinking water. And consequently, we will excrete more.

The second symptom is that people with Diabetes have more urine. Drinking more water must lead to more urine. It is reported that some patients with Diabetes have to go to WC 30 times in one night. The density of blood sugar increases, and the sugar can not be made use of in the body. The sugar can not be reabsorbed by renal tubules either, which leads to osmotic diuresis, and then diuresis exists. The more the urine sugar is secreted, the more the urine will be. In addition, if males have more urine, they are easily diagnosed with the problem in prostate, which is also the reason why Diabetes is ignored.

The third symptom is that patients eat a lot. When it comes to eating more, we will think of hyperthyroidism. Its symptom is also that patients eat a lot. After urination, much sugar is lost, which made people feel hungry. So patients with Diabetes must eat more. So people become excited about food. Because high blood sugar stimulate the insulin to secrete, people will feel hungry easily. They often feel that they are not full.

The last symptom for patients with Diabetes is that people are thin. Generally, the more people eat, the fatter they will be. However, for patients with Diabetes become thinner. The insufficiency of insulin accelerate the break down of fat and protein so as to add the energy and heat. The carbohydrate, fat and protein are used seriously. In addition, the water is lost. All the above-mentioned leads to the loss of weight. What's worse, some patients even lose weight by 5 kg,which leads to weakness and doldrums.

The above-mentioned are the symptoms of Diabetes. If you still have any questions, please consult the experts on line.

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