Positive Urine Glucose=Diabetes?

Urine glucose is often positive if one is Diabetic, but not all symptoms of positive urine glucose are Diabetes. There are a lot of reasons could cause positive urine glucose:

Nourished glycosuria:

A few people would suffer from transient urine glucose after ingesting a great quantity of sugar. It is because that small intestine absorbs sugar so quickly that blood sugar consistence rise beyond renal glucose threshold.

Renal glycosuria:

Due to nephritis and other kidney disease, the ability of sugar reabsorption of kidney tubules is decreasing. Renal glucose threshold is lower than normal, even if blood sugar is in a normal range, but positive urine glucose is still showing up.

Neurogenic glycosuria:

It is often seen in cerebral hemorrhage, brain tumor, effracture, cerebral trauma, and narcosis and so on. Under such cases, blood glucose will rise transiently accompanied by glycosuria. With remission of patient’s condition or invalidation of narcotic, blood sugar returns to normal, urine glucose changes into negative.

Gestational glycosuria:

For pregnancy women, glucose reabsorption of kidney tubules is restrained due to volume of extracellular fluid increasing, and such case could result in renal glucose threshold descending and glycosuria easily. Breast will produce too much milk sugar during later pregnancy or lactation period, and urine milk sugar will be discharged along with urine. We must distinguish it from glucose.

Hungry glycosuria:

A person eats a lot of food especial sweet food after quite a few days of starvation. He would show up positive urine glucose. During the starvation, blood glucose is lower than normal. Pancrease β cells are in a half-rest state. Secretions of insulin would reduce a lot. After eating a lot of food, pancreas islet cells couldn’t produce enough insulin. As a result, blood sugar increases transiently and there would be glycosuria.

Therefore, test result of urine glucose is only a reference in diagnosis, while definitely diagnosis must depend on blood glucose test. Once patient has positive urine glucose, he should be sent to a hospital as soon as possible. He should have fasting blood-glucose test and blood glucose two hours after a meal test, some times he should do glucose tolerance test. Doctor will decide whether positive urine glucose is caused by Diabetes or other diseases.

Not all the people with positive urine are diabetics, just like not all the people with negative urine glucose are not diabetics.

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