Easily Ignored and Particular Symptoms of Diabetes in the Elderly

① Ache in the shoulder joint

Some elderly people with Diabetes have aches in the shoulder accompanied with moderate or even severe restricted joint movements, which is the only clinical manifestation of elderly Diabetes.

② Myopathy

As a kind of muscular disease, myopathy refers to dysfunction of muscle fibers for any one of many reasons which resulting in muscular weakness, including asymmetric muscle weakness, aches, atrophy of pelvic muscles and sub-abdominal muscle.

③ Mental and psychological abnormality

Elderly patients may suffer from spiritual decadence, depression, anxiety, pessimism and deterioration of the memory. Some mental and psychological problems are related with encephalatrophy caused by cerebrovascular accident.

④ Bullous

Bullous on foot is a particular symptom of Diabetes, which are just like blisters caused by second degree burns and will gradually fade away within a week but may attack recurrently.

⑤ Neuropathic cachexia

Neuropathic cachexia is a common particular complication of Diabetes in the elderly. It is manifested by depression, obvious weight loss, peripheral neuropathy with baryodynia which can remit naturally after 1~2 years.

Since Diabetes in the elderly is very common and causes great damage to people by complications in tissues and organs all over the body, we should take it seriously.

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