Why Patients with Diabetes Will Have Edema on Legs

The reasons why patients have edema on legs:

Kidney pathological change is the reason that patients have edema in legs. Because Glomerulus Filtration Rate decreasing, patients will have low plasma protein. Damage of renal function will cause edema in lower limbs. Sometimes, patients will have edema in eyelids or faces. Protein and urinary cylinder can be seen the the urine routine test.

Diabetic heart disease mainly includes cardiac rhythm and heart function disorder caused by coronary heart disease, myocardosis. Edema in this circumstance has some relationship with heart failure. Right heart failure is very common, venous engorgement, hepatosplenomegaly, and edema in lower limbs and so on are included.

Edema caused by Diabetic Neuropathy is often seen in lower limbs, and it is related to position and activity. This is because the body lose the innervation by sympathetic nerve, thus leading to dilating peripheral vascular, increasing of blood flow. Then bypass flow of arteries and veins will formed, then passive congestion in lower limbs will show up, as a result patients will have edema. In addition, neurotrophy disorder can induce increasing of permeability of local blood capillary, then patients will have mild-moderate edema.

Edema caused by Diabetic Neuropathy is often accompanied by numb in local part of the body and other kinds of hypoaesthesia symptoms.

Edema caused by glucose-lowering drugs is often seen among the patients with Diabetes. Such as insulin, D860 or irritating antidiuresis hormone will induce retention of sodium and water, or hypothyroidism and so on. As a result, edema or mucous edema will occur. Sometimes the edema is in lower limbs, sometimes the edema can involve face or even the whole body.

In addition, edema caused by hypoproteinemia due to malnutrition is rarely to be seen. In a word, the reasons of edema in patients with Diabetes's legs are various. It should be analysed according to patients' illness condition in detail. We should find out the reason of edema, then we can give the treatment.

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